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Delightfully Beautiful and Classy Trophies

Delightfully Beautiful and Classy Trophies
March 7, 2016

Roger and Vic

Kudos to both of you !

Eyes were fixated and voices sung praise of how delightfully beautiful and classy the trophies were.

Thanks to the both of you for your vision and follow-thru.

Take care and I hope to see both of you soon

Steven Boucouvalas
Kora Shriners

Note: We produced 2 identical Custom perpetual trophies. One for the Kora
Units and one for the Kora Clubs to be displayed at the Kora Shriners
Temple. The overall height of the trophies were 28″ tall. The 3 post base
was 12×12″.

The Fez was provided by the Customer and bolted to the top of the trophy.
We laser engraved the Kora Builder’s out of Satin gold colored adhesive back
LaserLite engraving stock.