Wild Game Tags
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Wild Game Tags



Wild Game Tags

In many states, upon killing a deer, bear or Wild Turkey, the hunter must immediately attach a tag bearing the hunter’s full name and address to the animal to cover transporting the animal to the nearest Game Registration Station. Paper tags last about 1 minute or less when used in the field. Our plastic wild game tags will last YEARS.

Tags durable 1 1/2″ x 3″ RED plastic with 3 lines of text engraved, up to 18 characters per line, featuring a recessed area for your dymo tape, p-touch label, or pencil in license number or phone number and cover with clear tape(based on your local requirements) which you can update year after year! R&W Engraver’s Wild Game Tags have a clear weather proof vinyl loop at one end that will attach to the game being transported or your feeders, traps, tree stands, bait stations and more.

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