Trodat Date Stamp 4729
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Trodat Date Stamp 4729



Trodat Date Stamp 4729

The Trodat Date Stamp 4729 is one of the world’s smallest and lightest self-inking stamps. Its soft-touch elements guarantee a comfortable, secure stamp grip.

The stamp features a clean, intuitive ink cartridge change system. Two grip zones allow the ink cartridge to be exchanged without touching the inked pad—this helps keep the ink on the pad, and off your fingers!

With the Trodat Date Stamp 4729, you are assured of precise imprint positing. The crystal-clear positioning window enables accurately placed imprints with the transparent bottom edges allowing precise alignment.

Quick Copy Center allows you to customize your Trodat Date Stamp with messages like RECEIVED, PAID, ACCEPTED, etc. and leave a reliable record of date. The choice of wording, text positioning and style is yours to make. The date rubber band lasts for at least seven years.

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Weight .4375 lbs


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