Perfect Seal Standard Reach Embosser

If you continue to replace manual seals, or your hand hurts, you need a PerfectSeal™

Results show some users have 25 or more manual seals that have died. At $45 each, you could have had a PerfectSeal™ Embosser 

PerfectSeal STANDARD Reach, Heavy Duty is the most durable seal available. Comes with an unparalleled **TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY, up to 200,000 use as directed impressions, Patented design with only two moving internal parts.

Forensically identifiable impression makes each a unique embosser, even with the same impression. Available with a brass die and an “Alloy” metal counter die for a life expectancy of 700,000+ cycles! Engineered for even the harsh user.

Volume users are aware of the potential for “Repetitive Stress Injuries” from constant use of a manual embosser. PerfectSeal™ embosser removes any chance of stress injury! One quick activation replaces the struggle of using a manual embosser. Center of your seal impression about 1-1/2 inches from the paper’s edge. 120VAC. Appoximate size is 6″x6-1/2″x8″ tall, 13lb. Brass die and alloy metal counter die required. Logo, special engraving and options additional.

PerfectSeal’s embosser primary design is for 100% of the stress is applied to the unit, 0% to the user.
Unmatched TWO YEAR WARRANTY, up to 200k cycles, tells who has the most durable electric seal. Life expectancy over 700k cycles.

Shipping is not included.

STANDARD Reach Heavy Duty $890.00 + die/alloy

Lightening fast quick touch button activation is standard. Two year, up to 200,000 impression, limited warranty. Life expectancy over 700,000 cycles. Impression depth 2-3/8” (1-1/2”on center) from papers edge. Choose paper insert direction (bottom,left,right,top). 110-120 AC volts. Weight 13 pounds.

Die & Alloy Counter Die Brass die, and alloy counter die. Text Only  $280.00
** Custom Artwork Quoted Seperately ** Send Image for Quote to be Provided.
1: Foot pedal with ON/OFF toggle $190.00
2: Paper Guide Plate, user adjustable 12”x18” $379.00

Q: Why use a seal?

A: To guarantee authenticity of a document.  Some states allow rubber stamp usage in place of a seal.  Did you know there are portable stamp manufacturing units available?  This means anyone can duplicate your stamp almost anywhere to be used for forgery.  With the blind embossing of a seal there is no question of document authenticity.  Seals can be made much like a fingerprint, to be one of a kind, traceable and near impossible to duplicate.  Use both your stamp and seal on documents for easy reproduction on fax and copies and iron-clad security against forgery!

Q: Can Perfect Seal emboss multiple part forms?

A: Yes. Heavy duty units can do even manila file folders with a deep engraving.  Give details and samples of all your various papers at the time of your request.

Q: How long does PerfectSeal last?

A: Unsure.  No heavy duty unit has been reordered due to equipment failure to my knowledge.  The first unit ever sold is still in operation. Even if staples or paper clips are run through our unit. There is no damage to the Perfect Seal itself, but a new counter may be needed.  The patented direct drive with only two moving internal parts is unlike any other and superior to all.

Q: Does it make noise during operation?

A: Yes. There is a sharp "snap" produced when activated.  Similar to electric time clocks or electric time/date stamps

Q: How does the cost compare to others?

A: Le$$.  Perfect Seals have always been less than the retail price of others offered.  Even with additional options added, stabilizer base or foot pedal, Perfect Seal costs less and works better.  All the internal components are top of the line and precision machined for thousands of trouble free cycles.

Q: Can PerfectSeal speed production?

A: Yes. One Perfect Seal unit can seal approximately 8-10 of your documents, compared to about 5 by hand, and no chance of repetitive stress!

Q: What steps do I take to try one for myself?


  • Choose any of the units and options desired
  • For a new guaranteed die engraving, make samples of impression on all your documents
  • Complete the following form


Customer Information Needed:

(1) Select unit best suited for customer’s volume.
(2) Verify weight of paper(s) and number of sheets to be embossed.
(3) Furnish black/white lineart artwork if required.
(4) Note which side of document is inserted in seal (bottom,left,right,top).
(5) Pre-Payment is required by Check or Credit Card.
(6) A customer Proof  will be sent for Approval and Signature Required prior to production.
(7) Product normally ships within 2 to 3 weeks.
(8) All rights and/or refusal reserved by R & W Engraving, Inc.
TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY (HEAVY DUTY) Manufacturer warrants only repair or replacement of unit, at manufacturer’s discretion, for two years or up to 200,000 cycles from date of manufacture of a defective unit being used according to instructions and for intended purpose. Any abuses such as, but not limited to, failure to follow instructions, improper voltage or operator error are not included. Unit use is at the sole risk of the user. Warranty is void if any alterations are made mechanically, physically or disassembly by anyone other than manufacturer. No liability is assumed for injury, loss or damages incurred. Returned units must be shipped prepaid. Return freight charge will be sender’s responsibility. Damages during shipping are not manufacturers responsibility. Number of lifetime impressions may vary depending on operator. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

In addition to the standard reach embosser, we also stock the long reach model

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