Memories Stamp Pads
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Memories Stamp Pads

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Memories Stamp Pads

Stampers Everywhere Cherish Their Memories… Memories Ink Pads That Is! Why do stampers prefer Stewart Superior Memories Stamp Pads? This is the most versatile, top-quality stamp pad ever invented for today’s discriminating stampers. The magnificent Memories Pad will do all of the following and more:

  • Acid Free and fade resistant for archival use. Non-smudging with water based markers, pencils or watercolor paints.
  • Dries permanently on bond or glossy paper. Permanent on many porous and nonporous surfaces after heat setting.
  • Raised pad surface for all stamp sizes.
  • Sleek, modern and ergonomic box design appeals to stampers.
  • Winged edge feature makes for easy opening.

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