Ideal Seal Embosser

Ideal Seal Embosser – Round Die 1 5/8″



State Specific Ideal Seal Embosser – round 1 5/8″

Refined, Dependable, Effortless

The Ideal Seal Embosser has a sleek design with leverage to offer a seal that is light weight. This allows control with less pressure required to make a beautiful impression. The smooth curves and wide end of the handle results in a natural, comfortable feel in any size hand. The smaller reach of the Ideal Seal embosser means less stretch and strain for petite hands. Users will feel a slight “click” notifying them that their impression is finished and that the right amount of pressure has been applied. The unique dual use base can be used as a desk stand or will fit comfortably in the hand offering a two-in-one seal experience.

These embossers are ideal for embossing Corporate Seals and Notary Public and convenient for embossing book flyleaves, documents, envelopes, stationery & much more. The Ideal Seal embosser is most effective when embossing one sheet at the time of 20 to 24 pound bond paper. Embossing dies are made of a space age Delrin material that is laser engraved to provide the best detail available on your embossed impression.

Please Note—These Ideal Seal Embossers and components are not compatible or interchangeable with previous Ideal models.

Your embosser will be set up according to your State’s approved formats seen on our samples. Please use the form below to customize your embosser or die. Standard information will be filled in by us.

Not all lines on this form will be needed for your specific dies.

Only fill in lines that require information specific to you. If we are in doubt we will contact you! All of our embossers are calibrated to emboss 1 sheet at a time using 20 to 24 pound paper or foil seals designed for embossing. If you require your embosser to work on heavier stock, please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to help you. If you should encounter a problem with the steps below, please contact us.We will be happy to help you with your order.

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Weight 1.0 lbs


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