Premuim Anodized Aluminum Plaques

These plaques are perfect to honor or memorialize a loved one or friend on park benches, gazebos, gardens, trees, shrubs, walkways, water fountains, and more…

These 1/16″ (0.0625) inch exterior grade premium anodized aluminum plaques can be an alternative to bronze plaques when small text size, production time or cost may be a factor on your project.
We route engrave and black enamel fill the text for contrast and easy readability. Text size can be as small as 5/32″ (.1563″ or 16 point).
Many of these plaques have proven themselves for over 30 years on the Coast of Maine with harsh salt air and blowing sand as well as winters reaching below zero degrees F. in the winter and over 100 degrees F. in the summer. Turnaround time is generally 2 weeks after order is finalized.
Due to the varying ways these plaques can be mounted, we will be happy to drill holes where requested. We strongly suggest using premium stainless steel screws or hardware for mounting.

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