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Memorial Projects

It is with great pride, that we have the opportunity to share with our website visitors the details of this Memorial Project.Please take a moment to read about this important historical project.

Memorial at Rougham Airfield England


The following is excerpted with permission from the 2Q06 Issue of “The Rougham Tower Roundup” Newsletter

Rougham Airfield Memorial — Plaques for Wall of Remembrance


The Memorial is located next to the Rougham Control Tower. It was dedicated on 19th August, the first day of the 2006 Rougham Air Display. It was dedicated to all personnel who served at Rougham. Those are mainly from the 94th Bomb Group and the 322nd Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, but could include such supporting units as the American Red Cross.

Surrounding the central plinth, which features a B-17 engine recently recovered from the North Sea, is a horseshoe shaped brick wall. This is capped with sloping tiles. Individually commissioned plaques are being attached to these tiles. There is room for 40 plaques – first come; first served.

These plaques are dedicated to an individual, or to members of a particular aircraft crew, or any other operational unit. They include those killed in action, deceased since the war, or those still living. It is intended to be an all-inclusive tribute to those who served at Rougham in any role at all.

We have created a simple process whereby veterans; their families and friends may order a plaque for whomever they wish to be recognized. To accomplish this we have identified a company in the USA (R&W Engraving), which has committed to manufacture heavy-duty bronze plaques with raised lettering at a reasonable price. They will be produced in a uniform size and style.

Clifford Osborne cuts first turf


Enclosing memorial wall construction, centered will be the engine carrying unit


Engine refurbishment started


Memorial takes shape at Rougham Tower Museum


The following is excerpted with permission from the 3Q06 Issue of “The Rougham Tower Roundup” Newsletter

Chairman’s Chatter


Well we did it…. Our new Memorial was dedicated with a full formal service on schedule. At my opening speech I said

“It’s a great day for me and a great day for the RTA to see this project to its fruition.”

I want to say straight away that this was a team effort. Whilst the construction was taking place, the RTA continued with its daily routine of keeping the Museum running. We were a bit stretched at times, but we pulled it off. Thank you to everyone in the family of RTA from both sides of the pond in making this such a satisfying and successful project.

Describing the day for those that were unable to be present. In the morning there was a constant threat of rain, and about half an hour before kick off, a shower passed through, but was soon gone. The service was unaffected and a stiff breeze kept the flags flying. From RAF Mildenhall we were graced with the presence of USAF personnel in the form of their Honour Guard, and a Lt/Col Chaplain. The Royal British Legion was also present with their Standard.

The running order started of with me describing the why and wherefores of the project. The Chaplain then said a few well spoken words and brought us to say a pray. We then had the wreath laying ceremony, with all now standing. We laid a wreath of remembrance to the three Bomb Groups that were stationed at Rougham, the 47th, 322nd and the 94th. The 47th was laid by John Adams (RTA/USA membership), the 322nd by RTA member Peter Clark and the 94th by April Leech (94th BG Vice-President). Visiting Veteran Wilbur Richardson laid a wreath on behalf of his crew, RTA’s Dorene Nice on behalf of the RTA and finally a wreath by a member of the Royal British Legion. We remained standing as we respected our allegiances to our respective national anthems. I then spoke the words of Byron.

“They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning.
We will remember them.”

There then followed a two minute silence, the conclusion was the breaking of the silence by a lone Piper playing from the Tower roof. With the conclusion of the formal ceremony, the standard bearers were stood down. I went onto say a few more words and then handed the microphone to Wilbur, who then relayed some humorous anecdotes of his time whilst stationed in England.

The following is excepted with permission from email by C. John Adams, charged with organizing drafts, edits, proofs, and ordering the memorial plaques on behalf of RTA.

Close-up of plaque located on the far right of the above picture.
Wreath laying party at the dedication Ceremony. The smart Honor Guard was from the nearby US AirForce base at Mildenhall, Suffolk

Most Recent Additions – February 2007
Hidden by the snow are the bronze plaques that commemorate individuals, crews or operational units. But these heavy duty plaques are manufactured by R&W Engraving in Biddeford Maine to withstand the hardest conditions that occur in that exposed location. They will last for future generations to see and to remember those who served at Rougham during WW II. They may commemorate anybody, living or dead, who served there in any capacity on the ground or in the air. – February 2007

Compliments Received by R&W Engraving from RTA and Plaque Donors

“Just a note of thanks for the recently completed plaque in my Dad’s memory that has been added to the memorial at the tower in Rougham, England. It looks wonderful and I’m so appreciative of your efforts and timeliness in completing it.
Best regards.

Barbara Brooks”
“I went to the website of the plaque maker and it took my breath away.

As I gobbled up the reading, I teared up thinking what a remarkable event this is in remember and never forgetting what has gone before us and how much this area respects what my uncle gave his life for.”
“Thanks for R&W’s role in getting us off to a good start in such a satisfactory manner. I think that you will be pleased by the following complimentary remarks. – C. John Adams- RTA”

“Thank you very much for the photos.

The plaque is MUCH nicer than I would have expected, and the setting (the Memorial) is wonderful.

Many thanks for all your efforts. The RTA has done a very commendable job.

Art Smith”

“I am tremendously impressed with the looks of our plaque on the Wall of Remembrance, and equally taken aback with its location so very close to “the engine.” And thank you, Graham (and all your RTA volunteers) for all of your hard work on this phenomenal project. I must unabashedly tell you both that a few tears came to my eyes after seeing the finished product.

Thanks again to you both.

My very, very best,

Heber Smith”

On behalf of all the members of the Rougham Tower Association here at Rougham, England ,that was once home to the 94th Bomb Group I would like to say how pleased we are by the professionalism and service concerning all aspects of your plaques.
All our visitors to the museum, from “both sides of the pond “are impressed by the enhancement to the finish of the already emotive memorial, with its brickwork and mounted engine .
Thank you for coverage on your own website.

Clifford Fullam
Assistant Editor /Archive to the RTA”